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Our Preschool Day

       Our Preschool Day


We are learning…

Arrival &

Morning Routine

Students do the morning routine as they arrive. The routine is put belongings  away, say bye to his/her family and choose an activity either on the table or floor.

Social Relating

Students pick a table or floor activity and do the activity. Students are learning  various literacy, math, science, art, and/or fine motor concepts/skills. The  activities are often connected to our theme!

Gathering Time

We review the calendar and schedule and talk about our day. There are tons of math embedded into calendar time. 



Students will work with the teacher in a  smaller group to learn various literacy, math, or science skills and concepts.  New games and activities are introduced at this time to ensure student  success. The groups are always changing based on students’ ability, interest,  or random selection. 


Singing Time

Music time is filled with songs, rhymes, instruments, and use of gross motor  equipment. Through music we build and learn various language skills, phonemic  awareness, math concepts, music, social skills, and gross motor skills.


Various gross motor activities are set up around the playground to practice  and develop various gross motor skills. Students can also play on the  equipment daily.

Handwashing &


Students use the bathroom if needed. All students wash their hands.


In addition to taking in needed nourishments and hydration, another important aspect of snack time, is the social skills that are impacted. Students sit with their peers while teachers demonstrate manners and encourage social interactions.


We start with message of the day to building literacy skills. Then we read a  book related to our theme. Students share, join in, make meaning, and make  connections to build reading comprehension, book knowledge, and/or phonemic awareness. We may also do connecting activities (charts, graphs, songs, etc.)  to build oral language, social skills, science/math concepts, and various  literacy skills.




Science education activities provide children with opportunities to develop and practice many different skills and attributes. These include communication skills, collaborative skills, team working and perseverance, as well as analytical, reasoning and problem-solving skills.


Art can help children learn and practice skills like patterning and cause and effect (i.e., “If I push very hard with a crayon the color is darker.”). They can also practice critical thinking skills by making a mental plan or picture of what they intend to create and following through on their plan.


For circle 2 we focus on building social skills, character, or science. We may  read a book, do a character building or social skills activity or have a class  meeting.



Students will pack up and get ready for their parents/guardians.  This is a great opportunity for preschoolers to gain independent skills for putting on their own coats, packing up their own bags and being responsible for their belongings.



Our preschool day has a mix of student lead, play based, and teacher directed lessons and activities. We  infuse movement throughout the day and take a child’s attention span into consideration as well. This is our daily routine. The routine will not often change. However, it may be adjusted based on  students’ needs, situations (fire drills, etc.), and classroom events.